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ART POST: X-Men Big Bang

Title: You Bring Me Right Back Down To The Promised Land (Book One)
Author: juurensha
Illustrator: buhhhfaluffalo
Rating: PG-13
Summary: During the First Wizarding War, Death Eater Shaw kills Erik's Muggle parents, which makes Erik's magic manifest. Shaw is interested by the affinity Erik has toward metal and kidnaps him for experimentation. Erik manages to eventually get away, and escapes to an Order HQ, the Xavier Mansion. There he meets the pureblood Xavier heir Charles, who is an extremely young but gifted Legilimens. Through Charles' persistence, the two of them become friends and grow up together, going through Voldemort's downfall, Charles' mother's remarriage, and the arrival of Raven together. When they both go to Hogwarts, Charles is sorted into Ravenclaw with Tony Stark, while Erik is sorted into Slytherin with Pepper Potts and Darwin. Erik is still obsessed with getting revenge on Shaw, but Charles manages to convince him to wait and train to be an Auror to catch him. They still hang out though, and after the arrival of Raven who is sorted into Gryffindor, they have a lot of adventures. During 4th year, there's a lot of hormonal mess, but in the end Erik and Charles stop their emotional constipation long enough to get together. During their 6th year, Harry Potter arrives, and the canon HP events begin to occur.

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